Secure Self Storage

Three Facilities in Owensboro, KY

Your Belongings are Safe with Us

You can have a number of reasons for needing safe, secure self storage. Making room for that remodel. Family heirlooms you no longer have room to keep in your home. For example, the office could be overrun with historical papers.

AAA Rent-A-Space in Owensboro, KY is here to help you with any and all of your storage needs. We have the space and security you need to store your valuables with confidence.

With three facilities in the Owensboro area, all with top-notch security features, AAA Rent-A-Space endeavors to reassure you that your belongings are safe with us. Come by the office and see our facility so you can decide for yourself.

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Safety is a priority for AAA Rent-A-Space

Fully fenced facility

AAA Rent-A-Space has taken all the right precautions to assure that we not only have full perimeter fencing, but it is also well maintained and secure.

Well-lit facility

Peace of mind is knowing our facility is well lit so you (and the cameras) can see what’s going on around you at all times. We want to keep you and your belongings safe.

Gated access

We have carefully chosen a dependable, yet easy to use electronic gate access system. You can access our facility from your smartphone without leaving your vehicle.

Surveillance cameras

Reliable security cameras provide 24-hour video recordings, deterring anyone with malicious intent.

On-site management

The on-site manager can not only answer the questions you may have but also keep an eye on the facility for any unwanted behavior.

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